1/4 Grass Fed Beef

Sorry, the product is not available

$850 for 1/4 Grass Fed Beef (approx 95 lbs)


Orders placed in Spring 2021 will be ready in late October! We will work our way down the list in order - thank you for your patience as we begin our fall beef season. Email updates are coming soon, stay tuned.

The Rancher's choice is 95lbs of top quality Grass Fed, Naturally and Ethically raised beef. All our beef is professionally dry aged 30 days at 4 degrees Celsius to perfection! This pricing works out to $4.47/meal (1/2 lb meal) of gourmet beef. 

A Quarter is Approximately:

30% Steaks

20% Roasts

30% Ground Beef

20% Stew, Ribs and Brisket

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