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Heritage Broom Making Workshop

Heritage Broom Making Workshop

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Join local broom-maker David Campbell to learn how to make your own Hand Woven Heritage Broom, the way brooms were made over 250 years ago!


Whether a floor broom, hearth broom, or ornamental flying broom, these one-of-a-kind brooms are as beautiful as they are practical, for use outdoors or indoors, or simply for display as centuries-old pieces folk art. 


Two six-hour workshops are scheduled this year for Saturday July 20th and Sunday July 21st. Attendance is limited to just 5 participants for each workshop, so please book early as they are popular. (Additional workshops may be scheduled for the fall.)


All workshops begin at 10:00 am and end at 4:00 pm, with a thirty-minute break for lunch. Please bring your own lunch and refreshments.



Participants are led through a step-by-step tutorial in which they learn the start-to-finish process of craft broom-making, a practice ongoing today in parts of Mexico, Central and South America.

Information will also be given on the history of broom-making, which began in North America in the early 1700s, and the influence of the likes of Benjamin Franklin and the Shakers in how broom-making developed over time. 


Made entirely without nails, screws or wire,

these brooms are extremely durable,

and with proper care will last a lifetime.



David Campbell is an artisan broom-maker who sells brooms at local markets and retail outlets. He also teaches broom making workshops in Calgary, Edmonton and BC.

David is one of eight or so broom-makers in Canada dedicated to this centuries-old craft, and one of three in the country to teach broom making workshops.


“Brooms are really our oldest cleaning instruments, dating as far back as caveman times when something was needed to clean floors and hearths. I call the brooms I make functional pieces of art, as they can be used everyday and then hung on a wall for display.”


There are no prerequisites to joining these workshops other than a willingness to learn a centuries-old craft. Some hand and arm strength is required. 

Children aged 12 and over are welcome when accompanied by an adult.

Participants are asked to bring their own beverages and lunch.



The cost per person is $170. All tools and materials are provided. Please know that the broomcorn must be imported from Mexico and the hardwood handles are shipped from Quebec.


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