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Calgary's Most Local Grass Fed Beef

Grazed Right is a short 30 min drive Southwest from Calgary in the Miilarville foothills. We invite all of our customers out to the ranch - come and see firsthand how the cattle are raised, how they are handled and how they live.
Ben and Steph started Grazed Right in 2013 to follow their dream of becoming ranchers like their grandparents. We have three goals:
1. Protect our natural environment. Our ranch occupies two ecosystems, the Foothills Grasslands and the Aspen Parkland. Less than 30% of North American grasslands are left and less than 10% of Aspen Parkland is left! These are ecoSYSTEMS and like any system (a car engine for example) if you remove half of the parts, you don't have something that works half as well, you have something that doesn't work at all. Our ranch is a refuge for wildlife! We have coyote dens, fox dens, badger burrows all raising young. Our wetlands are protected from cattle trampling so ducks can safely have ground nests and frogs can lay eggs at the water's edge.
2. Provide an awesome life for our livestock! We love them and do everything we can to make sure their lives are as natural and enjoyable as possible. We rotate the cattle to a new pasture every 1-3 days, moving the herd across the ranch quickly in a tight group, just like the bison before them. This provides excellent nutrition for the cattle and develops biodiverse, healthy pastures. We use horses, a stock dog and always low stress cattle handling practices, using their natural behaviours to move them.
3. Bring people back to the land and foster a connection with the natural world around us. People won't care to protect a world they don't know and we believe that we all have a natural connection with the land and need that for mental, physical and spiritual health. Our "customers" are actually our partners in all of these goals. Great meat is just a byproduct of achieving them. We want people to see and know first hand that they are preserving one of the most endangered and least protected ecosystems on the planet and to come enjoy it and develop a connection. We have several free tours each summer (sign up here). We have been featured in 4 documentaries advocating for these goals.  One is on the home page and here is another.


Ben & Stephanie, Henry, Sam, and William Campbell
Reconnecting people with their food is important to us, and that is why we are more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our beef or ranching practices.

"Providing a happy and natural life for the animals, which naturally becomes a healthier, more sustainable food for all of us, is a core value of Grazed Right."

Ben and Steph ranch on the farm started by Ben’s grandfather, John Campbell. He emigrated to Canada in the 1950s. On a trip across the country found these rolling emerald hills that reminded him of his home in Scotland and we are proud to carry on his legacy.
Ben is being mentored by Dylan and Colleen Biggs of TK Ranch. They are technically our "competitors" in Alberta grass fed beef, and despite that have offered, given and continued to give us a lot of help. There is no way we'd be where we are right now without them and we'd like to take this opportunity to spotlight them as an example of excellent people helping people for no personal gain. What a blessing! They walk the walk of wanting to help communities and farm families and create a food revolution. If anyone wants to buy lamb or turkey please check out their website tkranch.com. They operate under the highest standards and we fully endorse their products.  

Thanks for visiting, happy trails!