Happy Customers



"We purchases a 1/4 beef from you in the fall and remember you had asked for feed back when you dropped it off to us. We initially sought out grass feed beef for its health benefits, we wanted to save money by buying part of a side and we wanted to support local.

We absolutely love it all. We were already using grass fed ground beef so we were used to the flavor already. I can't believe how lean everything is. Even the lower cuts of meat are nice and tender. I will have no problem using up all the different cuts. When you open up the packages the steaks and roasts etc. are a lot bigger than they appear that I can't believe how much meat we have. We are super happy, you have life long customers and I have been recommending you frequently. Can't wait until spring when we can come out to the ranch.

- A & J M



"Ben's grass fed beef completely changed the way I look at eating meat. The taste of the burgers I've been making as been nothing but delicious. You actually feel noticeably better since it's lean meat thats full of omega 3's. He was also super fast in delivering the meat to me! Will buy again."
- Nishant Mehrotra  nishantmehrotra.com


"Chuck Roast, cooked sous Vide. It was delicious"
- Julian Faltous
"I appreciate knowing the health benefits that eating grass fed beef offers but I also find the meat much more flavourful! It's heartwarming to know that my money is supporting the hard work and labor of love of a small business that's also a young family."
- Carly Wolk


 "Grazed Right has the tastiest beef around! High quality I can always trust. With it's humane care of the cows, to the variety in cuts, to the wonderful pricing...I'm confident that my family is getting the best. I never hesitate to recommend"
-Rena Ejiogu