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1/2 Custom Grass Fed Beef

1/2 Custom Grass Fed Beef

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A side of the best quality Grass Fed Beef available for $5.25/lb on the Hanging Weight of the beef. You will pay your butchering costs as well (approx $1/lb depending on what you have done). This is approximately 230 lbs of grass fed beef. With this option you get to tell the butcher how you would like your beef cut.  These are deposits only, you will pay the remaining balance when your beef is cut.  You will be contacted and asked to fill out cutting instructions for the butcher (1" vs 3/4" thick steaks, 3lb roasts vs 6lb roasts, jerky or sausage made etc). 

Average carcass weights are around 390lbs Hanging Weight and depending on how you cut it will produce approximately 230lbs of beef in the box. We will deliver your beef to one of our 4 drop off locations in Calgary. This pricing works out to $4.79/meal (1/2 lb meal) of gourmet beef. All our beef is Dry Aged an incredible 30 days!!!

The butcher's fee is $1/lb for organs

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