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Grazed Right

1/8th Grass Fed Beef

1/8th Grass Fed Beef

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$550 for a 1/8th Grass Fed Beef (45lbs beef cut/wrapped/delivered)


A mix of all the cuts of our grass fed beef, from filet mignon to ground beef. This is perfect for a couple or a small family which should be able to use this in a couple months. This will completely fill the average freezer in a kitchen refrigerator/freezer combination. This pricing works out to $6.11/meal (1/2 lb meal, i.e. 8oz steak) of gourmet beef. All our beef is Dry Aged an incredible 21-30 days!!!

An Eighth is 45lb of beef and consists of approximately:

30% Steaks

20% Roasts

30% Ground Beef

20% Stew, Ribs and Brisket


 All our beef is now vacuum packed!

A typical Eighth


Steaks and Roasts


Lean Ground Beef and Stew Meat



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