1/2 Grass Fed Beef


$1650 for a 1/2 Grass Fed Beef (approx 190 lbs)  


Orders placed in Spring 2021 will be ready in late October! We will work our way down the list in order - thank you for your patience as we begin our fall beef season. Email updates are coming soon, stay tuned.

Put a $100 deposit down to guarantee your beef. 

Our best price on quality beef, it's the old fashioned way to split a beef. This is 190lbs and by far the most economical way to fill your deep freeze for a season, you’ll have plenty of steaks for the summer and lots of roasts for the winter. This pricing works out to $4.34/meal (1/2 lb meal) of gourmet beef. All our beef is Dry Aged an incredible 21-30 days!!!

A half is approximately:

30% Steaks

20% Roasts

30% Ground Beef

20% Stew, Ribs and Brisket

This order does not include organs, but they can be added for $4/lb. Organs are included in the "1/2 Custom Grass Fed Beef" for the butcher fee of $1/lb.


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