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Our pigs are heritage breeds (Tamworth/Berkshire) which are better suited to a life in the field and famous for their bacon.  They are rotated regularly onto clean pasture where they eat clover, alfalfa, wild mushrooms, forbs and anything else tasty they can find! They have a hog ration made of local grains available to them 24/7, which provides the majority of their energy requirements. Flavor is largely determined by the diversity of the diet, and plant diversity in the diet increases phytochemical exposure for the animal, meaning this will be the most flavourful, natural pork, you will ever taste! 

Pastured pork is not just free range, it's far superior to free range. Why? Free range could simply be a group of pigs in a large outdoor dirt pen. Pastured pork is rotated around so there is always fresh grass, legumes and forbs for them to eat and explore. We raise our pigs mimicking the natural life of their wild ancestors as closely as possible. 

Cut Lbs
Breakfast Sausage 12
Pork chops 14
Side Ribs 3.5
Picnic Roast 7
Bacon 7
Ham 12
Shoulder Chops 8

We are proud of the way we raise our pigs and believe there is not a happier life for a pig than on our ranch! We provide free tours of the ranch to any customer.

Order now by placing a $100 deposit.  Total cost of your pork will be $490.

Delivery on April 27

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