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Free Run Roasting Chicken

Free Run Roasting Chicken

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Back by popular demand, we have free run chickens! Raised by a local family farm that we trust, these chickens have space to roam inside a barn, which allows them to exhibit their natural behaviours and live a happy life. There are no antibiotics in their food, just like there's none in yours! Like all chickens in Canada, no hormones or steroids are ever used. Absolutely no animal by-products are used in the chicken's food! 

Taste the difference! A beautiful whole roasting chicken is great for an evening with friends and family. Butterfly it and cook it on the BBQ, smoke it or roast it in the oven, we guarantee you'll love our chicken! 

Weight is approx 2.9 kgs. This price works out to $3/meal (1/2lb meal)

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